Create solutions to meet the growing demand for food

To meet growing demand, agriculture will need to produce 60% more food globally by 2050. This means that, with climate change already threatening the planet, transitioning to sustainable agriculture is crucial. Therefore, B-COS offers solutions to both improve the resilience of plants and animals!

Our Projects

COS for Animal health

The aim of this project is to deliver in vitro evidence of the biological activity of pure and well-defined microbial COS-product for animal health. Four different microbial COS-molecules were selected to be produced on a large-scale. 

These molecules will be subsequently assessed for their potential in animal health applications by characterizing their modes of action on the animal’s immune system.

MYCOS for plant health

The FWO research project MyCOS focuses on the potential of COS to offer a cleaner and healthier alternative to current fertilizer techniques to improve soybean content. In-house developed synthetic biology tools will be used to create an original and innovative value chain for the valorization of fungal chitin-rich waste streams to pure COS-products. 

During the project, valorization opportunities will be maximized by aligning the development of sustainable biostimulants for soybean with cost-efficient precision fermentation strategies and user-inspired product needs.