B-COS is a biotech spin-off developing tailor-made chitooligosaccharides (COS) which can be applied in different sectors such as food, feed, cosmetics and pharma. We have our origin in the Centre for Synthetic Biology at Ghent Univeristy, from which we build on a decade of world-leading expertise in the microbial production of chitooligosacchairdes.

Chiara Guidi — Co-founder

Chiara obtained her PhD in Bioscience Engineering (Biotechnology) in 2021 from Ghent University. Since then, she is postdoctoral reseacher at the Centre for Synthetic Biology where she exercices a VLAIO innovation mandate spin-off exploring the COS-valorization potential over different sectors. Chiara has multiple years of experience in the fields of metabolic engineering and synthetic biology. Her work was published in several top-level journals and her PhD work was submitted for patent filing. 

Chiara functions as main leader of the B-COS project She took part in several business-oriented doctoral training courses for enhancing business and management skills, e.g. IP & valorization of life sciences, research to market (DO), TT skill course,  financial trainings, etc.

Nele Ameloot — Business developer

Dr. ir. Nele Ameloot has a strong track record in valorisation of bio-economy and biotech products. With a
background as Marketing and R&D manager in a substrate company, she was involved in
developing new business models for innovative products. In this role, she also developed lobbying strategies towards EU institutions and has experience into regulatory roadmaps for new products.

Marjan De Mey — Innovation officer

Prof. Dr. ir. M. De Mey is a leading expert in the fields of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, and has a strong track record in translating basic research into real-life applications, which resulted in the creation of a number of products, spin-offs, and the numerous and intense collaborations with industry and multiple patents.


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